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Trinity Saunas

We specialize in infrared saunas. In fact, the story of Trinity began when we spent 2 years in Asia, prototyping far infrared saunas to understand exactly what makes the best product, and inspecting the 14 largest infrared sauna manufacturers to find the right partner,
and so then our ownership purchased the best one.

Trinity infrared saunas offer the best wood construction and heater quality available from any manufacturer in the world. Only 3 of the manufacturers we inspected met our tough sourcing criteria, and we personally inspect each and every sauna before it leaves the factory, and each one is tested under ISO standards and GMC manufacturing standards. We also evaluate our manufacturing partners based on treatment of employees, ethical sourcing, and quality of the working conditions.

Trinity Classic

Deluxe Series

1009 Infrared trinity Sauna

Deluxe Series 1009

Infrared Sauna

Trinity 2009 Sauna

Deluxe Series 2009

Infrared Sauna

Trinity 3009 Sauna

Deluxe Series 3009

Infrared Sauna

4009 Infrared Sauna

Deluxe Series 4009

Infrared Sauna

5009C Sauna

Deluxe Series 5009C

Infrared Sauna

Trinity Euro

Design Series

Design 2209E/S Infrared Sauna

Design 2209E/S

Infrared Sauna

Design 6009 Infrared Sauna

Design 6009

Infrared Sauna

Design 6009C Infrared Sauna

Design 6009C

Infrared Sauna

Other Saunas

Indoor / Outdoor

Outdoor Infrared Sauna

Outdoor House

Infrared Sauna

Complete Interior Traditional Sauna

Complete Interior

Traditional Sauna

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