Cooking Surface 2,242 Sq. Inches
Two 22.5″x23.25″ Cooking Grates in Main Chamber
20″x39″ 2nd Level Slide-Out Shelf
18″x23.25″ Cooking Grate in Firebox
Overall Length 91.75″
Overall Height 64″
Overall Depth 41.25″
(Including Front Shelf)
Weight 932 lbs

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The Kingman
Is the quality of your barbecue increasing the size of your gatherings? The Kingman is sized to make light work out of preparing unbelievable smoke infused meats for crowds of 100 and more. The key is the Kingman’s consistent heat management characteristics, which efficiently draws heat and smoke from the offset firebox. Adding to the Kingman’s competition-grade status is an extensive list of standard features including a cooking door counterweight, dual-thermometers, Heat Management Plate, top slide out shelf and a firebox grill grate. With the Kingman is at home doing commercial catering, competing in BBQ competitions or in the backyard with friends.

First off gentlemen – let me tell you that the smoker rocks, and the convection plate system is amazing…

— Rick W.