2008-now Weir Top and Bottom DFM


This a weir top and bottom DFM, fits the locking ring 3005354

For Beachcomber Hot Tub Models from April 2008 to present.


Beachcomber Filter Pure is an alkaline based filter cleaner for Grease & Oil designed for alternate cleaning of the microfilter, with an another filter cleaner, Filter Cure. Filter Pure breaks down and removes organic contaminants such as oils and other bather waste. Both of these microfilters cleaning products are designed to fit snugly in Beachcomber’s Filter Cleaning Canister.


  • Monthly basis – Alternate with the use of Filter Cure
  • Do not mix Filter Cure & Filter Pure together as mixing will render them both inert.
  • Mix 250 ml of Filter Pure in a plastic pail containing 20 L of luke warm water
  • Soak filter 24 hours into the Filter Cleaning Canister in sufficient Filter Pure solution to cover the filter
  • Remove filter from solution, drain, rinse thoroughly with water until clear
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