Silver Maintenance

Bi-Weekly – (10 visit max)

Pool Opening

Customer’s Responsibilities:
  • Clean deck & surrounding environs.
  • Fill pool (if required) and turn on pool pump.
  • Swim and enjoy your pool!
Our Responsibilities:
  • Pump water and debris from cover(s).
  • Remove, fold and store cover(s), nets, and water bags.
  • Reinstall jets, lights, ladders, & diving board (if possible.)
  • Setup water connection on pump, filter, heater, & accessories.
  • Start system and inspect for leaks or other problems.
  • Advise customer of any necessary repairs and/or outstanding maintenance issues.

Pool Closing

Customer’s Responsibilities:
  • Lower your pool water to proper winterizing level.
  • Close all gas valves on gas heaters.
  • Provide a functioning garden hose (within 5 ft of pool)
  • Provide a live electrical outlet (within 10 ft of pool equipment)
Our Responsibilities:
  • Drain all pool lines & install plugs.
  • Protect all skimmers, returns, lights, etc.
  • Drain all pool equipment & protect from freezing.
  • Remove ladders (no matter what) and diving board (if possible)
  • Protect walk in steps with an anti-freeze bag.
  • Resolve all outstanding maintenance issues and necessary repairs.
Bi-Weekly Maintenance
  • Vacuum pool
  • Clean Water Line
  • Brush Walls
  • Skim Pool Surface
  • Clean Skimmer Basket(s)
  • Test Pool Water
  • Balance Pool Water
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Clean Pump Basket(s)
  • Lubricate Pump O-Ring
  • Clean Cold Air Intake on Pump
  • Backwash/Clean Filter
  • Lubricate Filter O-Ring(s)
  • Inspect System & Recommend Service

Please provide us a few details about your pool setup so we can get you into the best suited maintenance package for you.

Do you have a pre-existing salt water system?
Do you have an existing cover?
Do you have a pre-existing Rock Fountain/Water Feature?
Do you have a pre-existing Spill Over Spa?
Do you have pre-existing Deck Jets?
Do you have a pre-existing Solar System?
Do you want Comprehensive Pump Maintenance?
Do you want Spring Heater Maintenance?
Do you want Filter Bath (Soak & Deep Clean)?
Do you want a Salt Cell Cleaning?