Pool Opening Service

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Standard Pool Opening includes:
  • Pumping water off cover necessary for removal
  • Removing leaves and/or debris from pool cover
  • Vacuuming pool or starting automatic pool cleaners
  • Removal and storage of winter plugs, gizmos, and other items
  • De-winterize equipment, re-connect, prime and start
  • Inspect for leaks and efficient operation
  • Light pilot and test-fire gas heater
  • Replace handrails, ladders, diving boards, etc.
  • Add opening chemicals (shock, algaecide)
  • General clean up of service-related debris
Optional Add-ons (additional costs)
  • Repair of water/air leaks in plumbing and/or filtration
  • Installing or repairing solar cover and/or reel
  • Cleaning or detailing pool area, filter, etc.
  • Cleaning filter, backwashing and/or changing of filter media
  • Removal of old cover and/or other obsolete pool equipment
  • Scheduling of gas heater inspection and pilot lighting with gas technician
  • Cleaning of salt cell

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