Pool Closing Service

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Regular Price:


Save $45 when purchased with pool opening
Standard Pool Closing includes:
  • Pool grade antifreeze (price per gallon depending on lines)
  • Lowering of pool water
  • Disconnection and winterization of filter, pump(s), etc.
  • Remove ladders, railings, diving boards, etc.
  • On-site storage of filtration equipment
  • On-site storage of ladders, railings, diving boards, etc.
  • Add winter-grade chemicals (shock, algaecide)
  • Blow-out and plug suction/skimmer lines (except main drain)
  • Blow-out and plug return lines
  • Add swimming pool grade antifreeze to all lines (not included)
  • Neatly cover with your traditional or safety winter cover
  • General clean up of service-related debris
Optional Add-ons (additional costs)
  • Vacuuming, cleaning or detailing pool or pool area
  • Acid washing and/or storage of filter
  • Excessive chemicals due to poor water quality
  • Repair of water/air leaks in plumbing and/or filtration
  • Removal of old cover and/or other obsolete pool equipment

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